Friday, November 20, 2009


So motivated lately *u*
But I just got a part time job OTL (<-- nice timing!)
This always happens. I feel like drawing most when there is something there to take up time and prevent me from drawing too much. Wth. It happens with school too. During long breaks I'd be sitting there staring off into space. Then the night before classes starts again I start drawing like crazy and wish I had more time to finish arts.

I swear I am getting more and more fetishes from looking at art these days. Now I want to draw body suits ;v; (is drawing Miku in one)
There's only one commission, request and collab to do! Yay~ then I'll be freeeeeee and don't need to feel guilty about not finished stuff quicker.
After that I can truly take a break from deviant art and gaia! Working on my own site is kind of more fun atm >w<; (even though no one goes there) Maybe I should make an announcement about my site? Hmm.... but I don't want to directly tell people that I'm going off devART, they might get annoyed with me ;^;

Ahaha, I should really work on my comic projects...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I got the job!

Yayy I got the job at Umi Sushi Express! The interview went ok, and it seemed like the manager really needed someone to go work for the christmas break XD
Well I hope I will be able to do it well. It sounds difficult, but it also sounds fun!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Although this genre isn't something I usually like, K-ON! was quite enjoyable :)
I love all the characters, especially Yui! The animation was great and the style was consistent. The staff really did a great job producing this.
Haha I love the art style. The distinctive mouth they have is so cute. I think I might be influenced by it XD Omg I'm loving the ED song <33 Mio has a good voice.

Here's a quick drawing of Yui I did:

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Job Interview!!

Finally! I handed out 10 resumes around two weeks ago and one of the stores phoned back! It's a small sushi store in a mall near my house :3
I sure hope I don't mess up. I reaalllllllllly need a job right now. And the guy told me that the work will be seasonal, so it fits my schedule just right! Since He needs people around Christmas then not as much around January.... which is when my exams start and I go back to Taiwan in February! It's too perfect.

*prays* I hope I do well in the interview. I really hope I don't say anything stupid or wrong OTL

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wounded Tablet...

It happened a while ago. When I first noticed that there was this hole/crack on the gray sheet of my tablet. It annoyed me whenever I drew, since it always made it rough to draw. But then I eventually got used to it.

But now, there are multiple cracks/holes on it! ;n;
Ahh I gotta get a new gray sheet... it's so annoying to draw since it feels like I'm not only further damaging my tablet, but also my pen nib OTL

Oh and good new, I'm going back to Taiwan! :DD