Friday, February 26, 2010


I saw this band's music video and immedietly fell in love with their music <3
So I went out today and while buying lunch, I bought their latest album as well...!
I actually wanted to get the other two albums they released before, but I thought I should buy them on different days so I will have motivation to leave the apartment later ^^;

Da Mouth is a Taiwanese group,consisting of 4 members. The funny thing is, none of them are really FULLY Taiwanese. The female vocalist is Japanese, the male vocalist is a Taiwanese-Korean-American, the rapper is Canadian-Taiwanese (I think he IS full Taiwanese, but lived in Canada for a while), and the DJ is also Japanese (lived in Taiwan though).
I love their style. It's so fun and different. Some of their videos remind me of Lady Gaga XD
Seems like they are excellent dancers too.

One of the music video featuring one of the songs in their new album:

Kind of random... but here is what I drank beside lunch!
Some healthy tea-like drink. It's not very tasty OTL

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