Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First, second day?

The plane ride was very bad. I think I might be getting old to ride on planes or something =_=;
All the past plane rides I had before weren't as uncomfortable as this one.

First I had took the plane to Vancouver. There we (my mom was with me too) waited 5 hours for the plane that we needed to take to Taiwan to get there. IT WAS TERRIBLE.
My mom slept, but I didn't, thinking I should just sleep on the plane.
So I wondered around the airport for the 5 hours...and realized that all the stores there bascially sell the same things. It was so boring.

When the plane arrived, I thought the pain would be over. But it only got worse.
The plane seats are very badly designed. When I try to lean back, there is this little pillow-like thing that supports my head. However, with that bieng there I found it difficult to get comfortable as the pillow thing makes my head go in this angle that it HURTS my neck OTL
I barely slept on the 12 hour ride, and when I did, it would only last about 15-20 mins, then I will wake up feeling like throwing up.

When we finally arrived to Taiwan, we figured out that my mom's car is out of power so we couldn't start up the car.
We were stuck in one place for an hour before security guard came along and helped us out.

It was a long day ;n;

But that was not the end of my day since my mom was determined to keep me awake so I can correct the jet lag faster. Even so, I felt a lot better on the ground. I no longer felt sick and could eat real food.

I went to a small cozy Japanese restaurant:

Salt-Grilled Squid... It was quite good with wasabi.

I didn't pay attention what kind of fish this was XD;
But it was really good too. I had a hard time fully enjoying because there were several bones in there that almost jabbed me in the mouth...

Salmon sashimi! I wanted tuna instead, but I didn't know how to say tuna in chinese...

Some fried tofu <33

Well, that was all yesterday. I was way to tired at the end to write this up OTL
I also went to a Shabu-Shabu hot pot place for dinner, but didn't take any pictures because I was too into eating and forgot...

Oh, and here is just a picture through my mom's apartment window:

It's 6 am right now so it's still dark.

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