Thursday, February 25, 2010

Night Market

Lol I keep on posting these AFTER one day after the event.
I'm always too tired at night to post.

Anyways, last night, I went to a night market. It was quite fun!
(The pic below is not me by the way, just some random person).

It was one that was just 15 mins of walk away from the apartment.
There are so many different shops there, plus lots of cute clothes. Unfortunately all of the clothes there are "free size" or "one size" only, so I cannot wear them :(

There was this stand that sold little hamster-like things <333
They are absolutely adorable...! I wanted one so bad, but obviously I cannot take care of them once I leave Taiwan in 4 months.
But they were incredibly cute to look at.

I got 1 legging and 1 pair of knee socks from this stand.

This man was selling some super absorbent towels and mats.

Sun glasses! $200 Taiwanese is around $6 dollars Canadian.

BBQ stand and a smoothie stand.

Chicken feets :D
Very tasty!

Well that was yesterday. I don't think anything special is going to happen today, since I am stuck at home with nothing but computer and tv XD;

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